Queen Majesty Hot Sauces are handmade specialty pepper sauces crafted in Brooklyn, NY.



I was born with a penchant for hot sauce. However, the choices on the market - even in NYC - left my palate unsatisfied and most contained ingredients that I didn't want such as sugar, coloring and preservatives. So, I started making hot sauce that actually tasted really good and added much more than just heat to your food. I eventually decided to hone these recipes and launch Queen Majesty Hot Sauce in April of 2013.

Our sauces are 100% vegan, gluten free and without sugar or unnatural preservatives. We continue to hand select all of the ingredients (which are organic and local as much as possible) and make our hot sauce by hand every week in a commercial kitchen located on an industrious block in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

We hope you enjoy these sauces and we look forward to sharing more all natural and original recipes with you in the future. Feel free to follow us on social media and we love to hear your feedback and recipes. Also, contact us for wholesale opportunities as well as special pricing for events such as weddings, fundraisers and corporate celebrations. Thank you!

Enjoy in good health!

Erica aka Queen Majesty : )



Produced & Distributed by:

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce, Inc.

61 Commerce Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11231


photo by Jessica Miller via House of Marley